WMDA meetings

Perfect way of networking

WMDA meetings offer a great opportunity to connect with other members and learn about all aspects of registry operations and cord blood banking. So when can you catch up with the WMDA?

International Donor Registry Conference (June 2018)

The International Donor Registry Conference (IDRC) is the official conference of the WMDA, offering the chance to meet and network with partners from different organisations over four days. The first two days consist of WMDA working group and committee meetings, while the second part is the IDRC. The German registry, ZKRD, is set to host the 2018 IDRC on June 26 – 30. More details about the conference will be provided on the congress website.

Cord Blood Connect- Twelve organizations are collaborating on CBA-hosted conference

An international conference that embraces all components of the cord blood community – public and private banking, clinical and laboratory investigations, manufacturing, administration, training and education – will be held Sept. 14-16 next year in Miami Beach, Florida. WMDA is collaborating with CBA to guide the conference.

WMDA Education Day/Fall Meeting (November 2018)

The annual WMDA Education Day and Fall Meeting are held in Minneapolis, MN, USA. The education day is organised around a specific theme; in 2018, the theme is ‘Global collaboration’. The day is a great opportunity to get to know the WMDA community, with a mixture of registries presenting their best practices, roundtable discussions and external speakers.

The education day is always incorporated into the WMDA November Meeting. On the other day of the meeting, the WMDA committees report on their progress and the work they have achieved over the last 6 months.



Educational workshops for small and medium-sized organisations

WMDA organises regular workshops to educate newcomers in the field of donor care and donor relations. Topics include setting up a network in your country and what to think about if your task is to facilitate the search for a patient in need of transplant. The first workshop was organised in 2013 by the Cyprus Bone Marrow Donor Registry, while the last workshop (May 2017) was hosted in Germany. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, regional workshops were organised for Indian, South American and South-East Asian organisations. No dates have been set for future educational workshops yet.

Cord Blood Banking Day

WMDA and NetCord have organised a WMDA-NetCord Cord Blood Banking Day twice. This special day, which features discussions and presentations on cord blood bank operations and the future direction of cord blood banking, rotates between Europe and United States.



WMDA Spring Meeting (March 2019)

In conjunction with the EBMT, WMDA will organise its WMDA Spring Meeting on 22 and 23 March 2019, the days before the EBMT starts. WMDA aims to meet in the same city where EBMT is organised, to make it easier to combine the EBMT meeting and WMDA meeting in one trip.