Governance: ‘Search, Match & Connect’

WMDA has established a board committee to oversee the registry operation and automation processes. This committee works towards maximising the availability, quality, safety and cost effectiveness of haematopoietic stem cells around the world by maintaining and developing strong collaboration between organisations that list and search for unrelated donors and umbilical cord blood units.

The Registry Operations & Automation Committee is supported by the following subcommittees:

  • The Bioinformatics Subcommittee validates bioinformatics methods and tools for HLA analysis, provides bioinformatics resources and advices on the development of donor-patient matching
  • The Security and Privacy Subcommittee ensures that personal and healthcare data remains appropriately secure and private and in conformance with the standards provided by the appropriate regulatory bodies
  • The Registry Operation Subcommittee governs and manages the use of shared technology, processes and automation for WMDA registries
  • The Registry Automation Subcommittee designs and manages implementation for automated solutions / shared technologies, for WMDA registries